Mimir Test is the strongest analytical cognitive trainer available

The ambition of Mimir Test is to provide simulation and training tools for cognitive testing and improvement that are easily accessible and facilitate an analytical and optimized learning journey tailored for you. Your preparation for job interviews is our primary focus.

We believe in providing as much value to the user as possible and constant improvement of ourselves, our products and our customers. Together with our users we share to goal of making improvements by training and reaching peak performance. The success of you is the success of us as we turn your training into better tools that benefit all users of Mimir Test in a constant loop of improvement.


"The idea to build Mimir Test came from the experience of participating in recruitment processes at various points in my career that included cognitive testing and being left with questions regarding the test that were not addressed.

What did I do right and wrong during the test? Which questions did I get right and wrong? Did I spend my time wisely? Could I have managed the time better? What strengths can I leverage and what weaknesses do I have to address?

And finally, what can I do to improve? Not only my ability, but also my position and opportunities versus the competition.

I could see that taking several tests in a short period of time was improving my performance as I was more comfortable in the test situation and also prepared for the types of questions to come. But I lacked the insights into the test data to truly make enlightened decisions on what actions to take to improve. Just knowing my Score and that training works was not enough”

– Thomas Jannsen – Founder and CEO of Mimir International

All the answers to the questions above will be provided by Mimir Test to your benefit. Utilizing the experiences of thousands of users to identify the best test practices and strategies and drive the analysis provided will optimize your quest to reach your top cognitive performance and maximize your job test performance and professional accomplishments.

At Mimir Test we believe that a learning mindset can push the boundaries of our performance and by continuous development and expansion of our portfolio we challenge ourselves to bring additional insight to our users to forge a partnership. We share the learning journey of the individual and group and together we can leverage the data generated for the improvement of all by building on and optimizing the outcomes.


Mimir is the avatar of knowledge from the Norse Mythology. Mimir provides Odin, the King of the Gods, with secrets and insights, much like Mimir Test does to you. Thankfully your payment for the services of Mimir is a lot less than the body Mimir lost in service of his King.