Your Cognitive Training Partner

It takes training to get stronger and it takes practice and dedication to achieve success. Having Mimir Test as your Cognitive Training Partner increases the probability of a successful score on a cognitive test.

Your Cognitive Training Partner provides the opportunity for you to develop your cognitive ability to become an attractive candidate in a competitive market as well as maintaining a sharp mind.

To optimize your value from the products Mimir believes in a structured and analytical approach with focus on the drivers that give the most benefit:

  • We recommend doing 3-5 Optima Tests shortly before the job test situation that you are preparing for. If you are not familiar with the PLI/PI test structure, 5-8 Tests is the recommendation to not only train the questions and cognitive ability but also become comfortable with the 12 minutes of intense focus a top performance require.
  • To take advantage of our industry leading analytical feedback to maximize the effect of your Mimir Test training we recommend to always chose the most advanced Test and Profile Products. The personalized analysis done on your Test performance and progression will uncover your strengths and development areas and focus your next steps towards the most significant impact.
  • Create your Standard Profile for free and get started with the complementary Trainer Optima Test included. The only requirement is an email address for confirmation and log-in details.
  • Build your analytical knowledge of your performance by upgrading to a Plus or Excellence Profile. By taking Optima Plus and Learnings Tests you practice for the job interview while adding data points for in-depth knowledge and further learning.

When you have completed a Test you will be able to access a dashboard with your performance on the important metrics to give you a status of your current cognitive ability in relation to the dimensions you have chosen on your profile and when starting the Test. A dashboard is also available for your Profile where the key is your performance across Tests to introduce the time dimension in the analysis of the metrics and provide you a deeper understanding.

Any dimension on your Profile, that you have not initially selected, will be instantly filled on your dashboard for all historic as well as future Optima Tests, if you use a Plus or Excellence product and chose to make a selection at a later point.

All additional Tests you take will provide more data points for the performance analysis and strengthen the recommendations for your future learning and improvement options.

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